Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) Craft Fellowship

  Some of you may, or may not know, that recently I have been successfully accepted as a Craft Fellow at the MAC situated at Cannon Hill Park in the heart of Birmingham City Centre, England.

Whats a MAC Craft Fellow you say?

  Taking 5 young designer/makers [thats me included by the way] from a graduate setting on an April-November professional development programme in which we are exposed to various opportunities of whats available for Birmingham creatives within the City and the greater West Midlands areas; with a wider perspective of national and international intentions.
  Alongside opening our eyes to the wider creative communities, a large set of tailored talks, symposiums and discussions with industry leading experts in the creative field help to manage our own business goals and build a broad rapport once setting up our personal practice. Exciting right!?
To further the invaluable experience and information from experts, we are to recieve a plethora industry experience and help from facilitators and local artists connected with the Mac and local organisations; this is again through introductions and later as individual mentoring.

Oh! did i mention we each are also commissioned to exhibit a piece of work at the Mac to commemorate our professional development progress and as to showcase 5 fantastic [modest i know] emerging designers into the market.

Yes, I am writing this in retrospective, but believe me I was just as excited applying as I'm now understanding the full extent of whats on offer.
This is a fantastic opportunity and one I cannot wait to keep you updated on what I'm doing and discovering.

[Insert overused, but completely relevant "watch this space" phrase]

Fellow Fellows'

Jessica Litherland - Producer, Visual arts

Emma Daker - Exhibitions and Project Development Manager